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Bhartiya Bhashaon Mein Tritiya Anatrrashtriya Vigyaan Sangoshthi

About the Digital Conference:


Technical terminology is of no value unless it is made popular and is put into proper usage.  This digital conference provides a common platform to several scholars, laureates, talented people, and a technical person from different parts of India to contribute their researchers, innovative ideas, jugaad techniques in their regional Indian languages. So that science can be reachable to each and every person in their languages and can take benefit from it.


Since people at various levels are still not adequately equipped with command over English, so they need to be acquainted with the equivalents coined.  Further, officers and ministerial staff of different Institutions and scientists face problems in using technical terms. They also need to be properly oriented with technical terminology in Hindi or the regional language(s).


Key Points:


  1. Increased number of languages:  For the second time we are organizing this conference in which the number of languages has been increased to 5 (Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu).  Last year, only two languages (Hindi, English) were in this conference.

  2. Will be a Digital Conference: This conference will be a Digital Conference because the papers that come in different languages in the conference will be examined by two Reviewers in the respective language.

  3. Paper will be published in Peer Reviewed Journal An International Journal of Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 2229-6913)(Print) (ISSN: 2320-0332)(Online)

  4. This Digital Conference will be organized through YouTube.


Significance of the conference:


  1. Get new Data Sets: This Digital conference will be a big contribution to the internet in the coming days. Because this conference will be held in 5 languages and for this reason, we will get a large data set in 5 languages. For example, when Google translates an Indian language into another language, first thing is to convert all the text into Hindi or English, then we get our result. From these types of data sets which we will get from this conference, the direct conversion will be possible.

  2. Penetration to the lower level: Through this conference, we will be able to connect to the lower level people. Due to lack of English language, these people cannot recognize their work in the world. And on the contrary, whatever new work is being done in the world, will be reached in the English language, which is not able to understand by everybody. So this conference will connect these people with the world and vice-versa. After translation of languages, the work done by these people will be transmitted to the world. The work of the world which is still available in the English language, when these people will find in the regional Indian language, then this world will get a very good and quality information, results, new ideas, innovations etc.

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